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L.E.V.E.L.  U.P.

LEVEL UP is a community-based program, sponsored by First Sterling, designed to support high school juniors, seniors, and their families, as they navigate the transition to life after high school graduation. LEVEL UP will provide information to increase community awareness, knowledge, and comfort with family planning for continued education, and career pathways. Workshops focused on education and career trends, financial aid and planning, vocational training, and college prep will engage participants in conversations designed to provide foundational understanding of educational opportunities post high school, hoping to enhance awareness and access to tools needed to make informed decisions regarding the next steps in the educational process.

See the introductory video:  LEVEL UP

Looking for Education Variants to Elevate our Learning, Understanding, and Position



Thank you for your interest in participating in the L.E.V.E.L. U.P. program.  We are excited that you have taken an interest in being your best self through the achievement of academic and career goals. By registering for this year’s program, you are agreeing to receive information about program activities and joining the inaugural LEVEL UP class of scholars.


Scan below to register:

We encourage you to check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Resources pages for important information. These pages host a wealth of information related to life after high school.


We are always available to support you. Please email us your questions. 

Academic Year Schedule

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